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Indigenous Womens
Ranger Network



The Queensland Indigenous Womens Ranger Network (QIWRN) was established in 2018 to provide a forum for women rangers to share their experiences, ideas and information; provide support and advice; and enable connections in remote and isolated communities.

QIWRN is delivered by Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner and Reserves, a Cooktown-based Traditional Owner group who were the successful recipients of a joint State Government and WWF Australia grant to establish a state-wide women’s land and sea ranger network. Yuku Baja Muliku’s Ranger Coordinator, Larissa Hale, is a trailblazer for Indigenous women, being the first female Indigenous ranger coordinator in Queensland and also the Managing Director of Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner and Reserves. 

QIWRN has been co-designed by Indigenous women, government and non-government agencies, land councils and other stakeholders as a highly collaborative program that delivers lasting support, opportunities and security for Indigenous women rangers across Queensland.